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Choir Founder Receives Certificate For Contribution To Society 🏅

Posted On:  January 19, 2022

Jack White, Sing Now Choir Founder (local community choir), has been recognised by The British Citizen Award for exceptional contribution to society and being an inspiration to other British citizens.

“The choir itself built a community, a self sustaining singing community. It is a breathing organism, developing every year and enhancing personal skills and creating an enormous positive impact on the whole of society.”

Two very kind members from our Southampton choir nominated our founder, Jack White, and fellow choir leader (and best friend!), Dan Cooper, for the The British Citizen Award (BCA) in June 2021. Dan runs an auditioned choir in Southampton & Bournemouth called Love Soul Choir and is closely linked to Sing Now Choir.

Jack & Dan were surprised to receive this nomination and fairly hesitant to pursue! Jack said…

“I really do feel proud and am flattered to even be considered for the BCA, but there are so many wonderful health workers, scientists, charity volunteers, vaccine centre volunteers and countless others who have gone above and beyond and given their time to protect & save lives. I think they truly deserve this recognition.”

The COVID-19 pandemic was an incredibly hard period for many small businesses across the UK. With guidance and restrictions changing from week to week and singing often being neglected and overlooked, running a choir was particularly challenging and turbulent. A local community choir offers so much more than just singing and we were determined that Sing Now Choir was going to make a return to our physical choir rehearsals!

Thanks to the incredible support and dedication from our members across Hampshire (Basingstoke, Fareham & Southampton), Sing Now Choir is thriving and back doing what we love most… meeting each week to sing and share music (and some laughter too)!

Jack & Dan are honoured to accept their ‘Certificate of Recognition’, signed by Dame Mary Perkins, DBE and The Rt. Hon. the Lord Dholakia PC, PBE, DL, which arrived in the post on the 14th January 2022.

Sing Now choir is not just his job, it is his life. He breathes it.”

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