COVID-19 – Online Membership launched! 🦠

Posted On:  May 29, 2020

Following on from the success of our virtual choir project, The Big Solent Sing, we’ve got some exciting news!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our physical rehearsals have been paused, but don’t worry, we’ve moved our rehearsals online and you’re invited! Our lives may have been turned upside down in 2020, but that doesn’t mean that music, friendship, community, family & fun has to be cancelled. We’ve taken all the key ingredients of the Sing Now Choir recipe and created something brand new for everybody to enjoy online. Join our 300+ members for some well deserved me-time and get music back into your life!

Our new Online Membership is a chance for you to experience a taste of Sing Now Choir without the usual geographical limitations. All you need is access to the internet! The Sing Now Choir principles still hold true online: No scary sheet music (just lyrics!), no auditions and no divas! Our slogan hasn’t changed in 5 years and we’re proud of it… Singing is for everyone.
In a way, this Online Membership may even hold a stronger appeal for you slightly nervous folk out there who dread the thought of walking into a room full of 100 singers for your first week at choir, we understand that!

Before our weekly Online Sings in the Facebook group, you don’t have to run around like crazy, changing out of your PJs, washing your hair and putting the kids to bed. Chill. Here comes the best news; your camera & sound isn’t active throughout the sessions. This isn’t a Zoom rehearsal where you need to download new software, use 2 devices and prop the camera up in an awkward position to then pretend that you’re engaged for a whole hour. Your level of involvement in our Online Sings is completely down to you and what’s going on in your house that week! Just join the live, where we’ll keep you company and get you singing whilst your cooking dinner (or even, having a bath!?).

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be added to our exclusive online Members’ Area and Facebook group where the real Sing Now community comes alive. Each Tuesday evening we all get together for a live ‘Online Sing’ where we learn a huge variety of music and have lots of fun along the way. You will have access to the harmony MP3s and lyrics to enjoy throughout the week, for when you’re practising at home or at work (if your colleagues don’t report you 😂).

We have no idea how long this ‘pause’ on our physical rehearsals will last, it’s all new to us! It’s got us thinking though…how cool would it be to finally meet up with all of our online members in real-life and put the songs together for a BIG REUNION SING!? Okay, we got excited and we can’t promise that right now, but come and join the online community and who knows what opportunities may pop up along the way!? It’s a thought!

You can get involved in our free taster session online which is live at 19:30 on Tuesday the 2nd of June 2020 (if you’re reading this after that date, you can watch it back online now).