Latest COVID-19 Information

Posted On:  January 2, 2022

We created this page so that you can check our latest COVID-19 information. As the situation changes, we will update this page.

UPDATED: Monday 3rd January 2022

Omicron & Returning To Choir in 2022

There are currently no restrictions under the UK Government in relation to group singing. However, out of an abundance of caution, we will continue with our aim of reducing the risk of COVID coming into our rehearsal rooms at Sing Now.

Key updates:

  • We are now making testing before attending mandatory (you can order some LFT here).
  • We await information from the government on how the vaccination booster programme will reflect in the NHS Covid Pass system.
  • New members are welcome but they have to book a free taster session in advance.

We continue to have 9 key measures in place (listed below or summarised in a poster here):

  1. Members REQUIRED to take a free lateral flow test each week before attending (this has changed from ‘encouraged’ to ‘mandatory’ for 2022)
  2. Admission only permitted up to 10 mins before session
  3. Maximum ventilation (this will be under review as the temperature drops in winter, further health considerations to be made)
  4. Hand sanitiser on arrival
  5. NHS COVID-19 app sign-in (optional as registers are taken every week regardless)
  6. COVID Status verified (this is compulsory for every member via the NHS COVID Pass system)
  7. People encouraged to leave the room during the break
  8. Members & staff must self-isolate in line with government rules
  9. Stay home if displaying any cold symptoms or if feeling generally unwell

Reference links:

  1. The Sing Now Choir COVID-19 ‘New Normal’ Plan >>
  2. NHS COVID Pass information (NHS website) >>
  3. Oxford University report into Droplets and Aerosols Generated by Singing >>