Latest COVID-19 Information

Posted On:  January 2, 2022

UPDATED: Friday 1st April 2022

Relaxation of rules & free testing discontinued

Although free testing for asymptomatic people has now been discontinued, we still encourage members to test before attending choir if they have spare tests. However, it is no longer mandatory that members test before attending. We will never charge members to test privately before attending choir.

Although all Covid restrictions have ended in England (from 24th Feb 2022), the public are encouraged to continue to follow public health advice, as with all infectious diseases such as the flu, to minimise the chance of catching Covid and help protect family and friends. Chiefly, Chris Whitty urges people to continue to self-isolate if positive (source here).

Key measures that will continue:

  1. Members to stay home if they have COVID-19.
  2. Stay home if displaying any cold symptoms or if feeling generally unwell.
  3. Ventilation to be a focus. Reasonable ventilation, taking into consideration the cold weather.

Check out out COVID-19 Policy below or click here to download:

Reference links:

  1. * BBC News “Three vaccine doses key for protection against variant” >>
  2. GOV.UK latest updates >>