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Oh What A Night – One Sound: Musicals! 🎭

Posted On:  June 20, 2023

On May 28th, 2023, we took to the stage at the Mayflower Theatre to perform in One Sound: Musicals. We collaborated with Love Soul Choir & Sound Pop Academy. We have a close-knit and supportive community among local performing arts groups πŸ™Œ. This long-awaited performance marked a poignant milestone for the choir, as it was our first appearance at One Sound since the COVID-19 pandemic struck over three years ago. The sold-out show was a night to remember for our 200+ members who performed!

We’re eager to relive the magic of this memorable evening, with plans to release photographs and videos capturing the essence and energy of the show soon!

This event not only highlighted the dedication of our choir members but served as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music in bringing people together. The memories and experiences shared during this show will undoubtedly linger in the hearts of performers and audience members alike for years to come.

We’re soooo incredibly lucky to have performed at the prestigious Mayflower Theatre once again!

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