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Our Rest Weeks for 2021 & 2022 🏖️

Posted On:  July 20, 2021

We broke the mould when we decided not to stick to a term time schedule like lots of other choirs. We meet most weeks of the year, however, we occasionally break for Rest Weeks. We never stop singing for big summer breaks. Check out more details of our yearly schedule below.

Rest Weeks for the remainder of 2021 (no rehearsals):

  • W/C 23rd August 2021 (2 weeks)

Christmas break 2021 (no rehearsals):

  • 13th December 2021 – 2nd January 2022

Rest Weeks for 2022 (no rehearsals):

  • W/C 18th April 2022
  • W/C 30th May 2022
  • W/C 29th August 2022 (2 weeks)

Christmas break 2022 (no rehearsals):

  • 12th December 2022 – 1st January 2023

What is a Rest Week?

A Rest Week does what it says on the tin – we take time to reset our buttons and chill. We don’t hold any rehearsals or events during Rest Weeks.

Why do we take Rest Weeks?

  • Atmosphere & wellness: Singing is wonderful, but, it’s healthy to take a break now and then. We find that choir members and the Sing Now Choir team come back refreshed and feeling more engaged to get singing after a Rest Week.
  • Improved attendance: Members are more likely to book holiday or have time away during the Rest Weeks, as these are published in advance. This means that general attendance is more consistent throughout the year.
  • More time for socials: It’s nice to get out of the ‘classroom’ and socialise with fellow members. Quite often, members will organise informal social events during Rest Weeks to keep in touch with each other and catch-up in a different setting.

When do Rest Weeks take place?

We have just 4 Rest Weeks across the year and then a break over the Christmas period. Typically, our Rest Weeks fall on weeks containing Bank Holidays (Easter Monday, Spring Bank Holiday & August Bank Holiday). As each calendar year varies, it’s important to check our latest Rest Week schedule online via our blog or Members’ Area.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQs page on our website or drop us a line.